For a while now I’ve been unable to modify a channel on my Kenwood TH-F6A handheld radio. I could successfully switch to Tone and then set the tone frequency; however, if I tried to save the settings to memory it wouldn’t stick. Every time I powered off the radio or changed the channel it would immediately revert to the incorrect settings.

I tried deleting the memory channel first to see if that would allow the correct settings to save, but I was also unable to delete the channel. I could delete other channels.

Anyway, I finally solved the problem by performing a “VFO Reset”.

  • Power off the device
  • Hold down [F] + Power

Display will show “RESET?” with “NO” blinking.

  • Turn the Tuning Control dial until the display reads “VFO RESET”
  • Press [MNU]

This will preserve the memory and menu settings; however, it will change some of the display and other settings. After resetting, the memory should begin functioning correctly.


  1. Robin Garrett

    I have this same problem on my Kenwood TM-231A but this solution does not work on the TM-231. My Memory is frozen on 144Mhz and I cannot change channels or do anything except go back to VFO. When I rotate the dial the radio just beeps.
    Robin (VK2FLDS)

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