Recently, my Asus TF201 tablet stopped syncing my Gmail and calendar items; however, I continued to receive other notifications such as app updates and Facebook. I looked at the Google account settings and the sync icon was grey instead of green. When I clicked into the account to view the specific sync items everything looked okay – some items correctly showed “Sync is OFF” and Gmail and Calendar showed “Last synced…”. Manually synching worked fine.

After digging around for a while I found the problem in a very odd place. The “Auto-sync data” option was disabled from the data usage screen. Not sure why, but it was an easy fix. Just do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Data usage
  • Press menu button
  • Ensure that “Auto-sync data” is checked

BAM. The emails come swarming like wasps at a picnic.

I can’t say which devices might be affected by this, but it at least affects Jelly Bean. I confirmed it on my Asus TF201, as well as my Razr Maxx. Both are running Jelly Bean…

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