I’m a huge Lenovo fan, but they have recently adopted an irksome practice: they put the asset/SN tag under the battery. At least, this is the case with T- and X-series devices such as the T430s and X230. This can be problematic if you name your computers based on the serial number of the device.

Sadly, I repeatedly find myself in this situation: I image the computer and Windows prompts me to enter a name. I flip the device over and … DOH! If I’m working with a single new laptop then this isn’t usually a problem since I can look on the box to find the SN. But what if I’ve unboxed several laptops and didn’t keep track of which laptop belongs to which box? Or what if I’m re-imaging a device there isn’t a box to reference?

Of course, I could just write the SN down before installing the battery. Nah, that’s crazy talk. If you find yourself in a similar situation just do the following:

Open a command prompt and enter the following command:

wmic bios get serialnumber

The missing ID miraculously appears. The day is saved. These are truly happy times.


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