UPDATE: This issue appears to be resolved with the latest version of the Phone app (released Jan 26, 2018 – version 16.0.183307769).

This issue seems to be a problem with the current Phone app on the Pixel 2 when connected to Bluetooth. On my phone the app is listed as version 15.0.179075669. (I’d be interested to know if it affects other phone models – leave a comment.)

When receiving an incoming call while connected to Bluetooth, the screen goes black/blank so that you can’t see who’s calling. You can press the power button and the screen will turn on. There is no issue when receiving a call while the phone is in use – the caller ID pops-up on the top of the screen.

This will likely be a short-lived issue since a lot of people are reporting the issue in the app store, but I think it’s worth a mention since I had trouble finding information about this specific issue.

As a workaround, remove the update and revert to the original version of the phone app:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Phone
  • Press FORCE STOP and press OK on the “misbehave” warning
  • Press DISABLE
  • Press DISABLE APP on the warning about apps no longer functioning
  • When prompted to “Replace this app with the factory version?” press OK
  • Press ENABLE

This will restore the app to the original version, which should be fine until a new version of the app is released.

UPDATE: This issue appears to have been resolved with version 16.0.183307769 released Jan 26, 2018.


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