On occasion, the MSP Connect function will cease to exist. No going away note. No mint on the pillow. It’s just gone.

The Remote Control button is a lifeless gray:

The MSP Connect option is gone from the drop-down menu:

All the other functions appear to be working. The CPU and memory usage monitors appear active, you can run scripts and access the Command Prompt. MSP Connect is the only piece that seems to have gone AWOL.

This can usually be easily fixed using the following steps:

  • Open the command prompt on the affected machine (Tools > Command Prompt)
  • Uninstall MSP Connect by running the following command (for 64-bit systems):
    • For 64-bit systems:
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\BeAnywhere Support Express\GetSupportService_N-Central\uninstall.exe" /S
    • For 32-bit systems:
      "C:\Program Files\BeAnywhere Support Express\GetSupportService_N-Central\uninstall.exe" /S

      Removing MSP Connect from a 64-bit system.

Once N-central detects that MSP Connect is uninstalled it will automatically attempt to reinstall the application. If all goes well you should see the Remote Control button change to a fantastic green.

As a side note, I’ve found that machines that stop working with MSP Connect are often repeat offenders. If it dies once it will likely happen again in the future unless you can determine the root cause. Although it’s an easy fix, it’s an annoyance when you have a need to connect to the affected machine.

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