1. Sophia

    Help guys , I desperately need a sMy PC is running on windows 10, home version. My PC went on d usual auto update mode 2 days ago & after completion I couldn’t restart. Message appeared on my screen as :

    ” Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer restart the installation “.

    I have read some comments & tried out some suggested but nothing works.

    1.) tried to change my administrator password ( didn’t work )

    2.) Tried the popular add/remove snap in formulae . Arrived at section but couldn’t pass through the function [ As I understand windows 10 home version do not have local users & groups under <computer management (local) ], so I obviously couldn't proceed. Others who have windows 7 , 10 ( pro , enterprise , education ) could continue much smoother as these versions have button.

    3.) Many other commands didn’t quite work, system could not recognise even at the command page.

    4.) Tried the much discussed method to off & on the PC 3 times . For some it works, but not mine.

    5.) Tried the suggested command, didn’t work.

    So , help me to solve this problem , I feel like pulling my freagin hair off

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